Every car owner knows the importance of taking care of their machines on a regular basis. This is because it provides an opportunity for the car to be checked for any defects and enables the replacement of parts that are worn out. Service books should be kept safely since they provided information to a mechanic regarding when the service was last carried out and what was changed. You should show them this book at the start of the service and ensure that it is signed at the end of the process.

In case critical components are missed during any service, your car becomes dangerous and can easily cause an accident on the roads. Based on the type of vehicle that you have, there are several types of car service that you should go for.

The Interim Service

This type of service is ideal for cars that cover a huge distance over a short period of time. Ideally, it should be carried out after covering a distance of about 5000km within 6 months. If you have a public service vehicle such as a cab, you should definitely get this service. The main things that are checked in this service include the condition of the tyres, the brakes, and replacement of the oil filter and the engine oil. However, you can also get this type of service before you embark on a long journey to prevent any eventualities.

The Full Service

Many car owners usually get this service which takes place annually after covering a considerable distance. In addition to the items checked during the interim service, it also covers the engine including the timing belt, radiator, the electric cooling fan, the radiator, the alternator, the air filter, and the spark plugs. The dashboard lights and terminals are also checked to ensure the electrical system is in order.

Major Service

This is a comprehensive service which takes place after 2 years when you have covered about 15000km. Unlike the other types of service whereby only certain issues will be checked, this service involved the inspection of the entire car. Some of the components that will be checked at your garage include the engine, the drive system, the electrical system, exhaust, brakes, steering and suspension, vision, and the condition of the tyres. Once completed, it gives you a 100% guarantee that your car is in good condition since parts with defects are replaced permanently.