Tyres are the only car parts that touch the road at all times. Because they wear and tear due to normal use, they are usually not covered by the vehicle warranty. This means that you will need to replace your tyres yourself when they become unroadworthy. Need new tyres for your car but do not know where to start?

Here are a couple of essential things you should consider when getting new car tyres:

Size of the tyre

The size of the car tyre is normally indicated at the user's car manual. Smaller tyres respond well to steering but they reduce ground clearance. Wider tyres have poor performance under wet and slick conditions. Taller tyres might take a longer time to accelerate and also to brake. Steering may also seem a little bit harder. It is important for you to get replacement tyres similar to the original manufacturer's size so as to avoid the aforementioned problems.  

Expected tyre lifespan

For the most part, many of today's tyres can cover more kilometres than ever before. Unfortunately, tyre makers are hesitant to indicate how many years of service will deliver because can't predict the conditions that the tyres will be subjected to once they leave the manufacturing plant. Before purchasing new tyres for your car, take a look at the manufacturing date. If the manufacturing date is many years past, then it may lead to a shorter lifespan. If the date is recent, then it may result in longer years of service and more kilometres. If you are getting your tyres from a car parts dealer, inspect the storage area. Are too many tyres stacked on top of each other? Have the tyres been stored out in the sun? All these factors can reduce the lifespan of your tyres before they are even fitted on your car.

Weather conditions

Tyres can be classified as summer tyres, winter tyres and all-season tyres. Choose your tyres depending on the type of climate that you will be driving in: summer tyres are best for hot summer weather; winter tyres are perfect for the cold winter weather; while all-season tyres are designed to provide year-round service.

First-time tyre replacement can be quite overwhelming. To avoid getting the wrong tyre, it is best to seek assistance from the staff working at a reputable car parts dealership, or you can contact your original car manufacturer company for advice on getting new Mitsubishi car parts.