You may have the ultimate respect for indigenous Australian wildlife, but nothing will do more damage to your new ute than a wayward Kangaroo. Consequently, you need to protect your investment and add a bull bar to the front before you plan any serious off-road excursion. Remember, these devices not only provide a great deal of protection; they look good as well. They'll enhance the appearance of your truck and add a lot of value when it comes time to sell. Is bull bar installation something you can do yourself or is it best to trust the job to professionals, given what's at stake?

Rolling up the Sleeves 

Many people like to "have a go" when it comes to a weekend job in the garage, but you shouldn't underestimate the challenge if you're not particularly dexterous. If you want to see what's involved, however, you should gather together all the pieces and some hand tools before you start.

Bracket Challenge

To make sure that the bull bar fits correctly you may have to install lower and upper brackets along its width. Typically, the lower brackets go in first, and you may be able to mount these into pre-drilled holes in the frame.

However, you may find that other attachments already occupy these holes. For example, a tow hook may be getting in the way, and this will present you with two choices. You can either take it off and discard it for good, or you can re-position it by drilling some additional holes into the frame.

Drill Carefully

Don't underestimate the difficulty of drilling holes, especially if you have to pass through the plastic bumper on the front. You will need to position the guard very carefully with the help of an assistant before making a temporary mark on the surface. You may then need to use a die grinder, compact saw or cutting wheel to make the holes themselves.

Getting in the Way

You may also have to remove any splash shield or protective plate mounted towards the front of the engine and underneath the frame. You will then be able to access the installation points for some of these brackets. Make sure that you keep all the attachments in a safe place so that you can reinsert everything once you are done.

What About Accessories?

Remember, you may need to add some accessories if you're planning to take your vehicle into the bush at night. Therefore, you may have to install some additional brackets to cope with LED lamp bars or other off-road lights, if you're going to do the job properly.


As you can see, this may turn out to be a very "fiddly" job for most people, and you may be better off to entrust the work to professionals. Once they've finished, you'll be able to sit back and admire the work before you drive off into the dust.