Tippers or tipper trailers are some of the most essential and sought-after vehicles in the construction and mining industries. These heavy-duty vehicles are very convenient when loading and unloading loose materials such as concrete, sand, stones, ballasts and waste from one site to the other. But they come in many types, with different configurations to suit specific project needs. Side tippers are among the standard options you will come across. And as the name implies, these tippers feature hydraulic rams that enable them to tilt the tipper bed to the side when unloading materials. This tilting or dumping mechanism comes with many benefits. Here are a few.

Reduced Rate of Tip-Over Accidents

Safety is always imperative for operating heavy-duty machinery, and tip-over accidents are some of the most common safety concerns associated with tippers. That is because the tipper bed on many tipper trailers can only tilt backwards. And usually, for complete unloading of the materials, the trailer operator needs to raise the tipper bed high in the air. This can easily affect the stability of the trailer, especially on the uneven and rough terrain found on most construction and mining sites. Side tippers have improved stability due to their side-tilting mechanism.

Faster Unloading of Materials

Time is essential when it comes to construction, as it often affects key elements like cost. For instance, if you are being charged by the hour for your tipper hire, you will want to get the materials loaded and unloaded quickly. And here's where side tippers pay off. Because they unload materials on the longer side of the tipper bed, larger volumes of material can be offloaded at any given time compared to end tippers, saving you some time on each load. What's more, it's easier for the trailer operator to see the load as it's emptied, which isn't usually the case with end tippers that block the view due to the tilting mechanism. In many cases, you will find operators with tippers that offload backwards having to communicate with other people on-site, which can make the unloading process a bit longer.

Improved Barrier Tipping

Do you want to unload your materials over a barrier? Side tippers will make this easier and more practical for you. You can quickly have materials unloaded over barricades, large inclines and other obstacles. This is not always possible with end tippers, especially where you have huge barriers.

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