For most of the heavy haulage truck drivers, they rely mainly on the heavy haulage for their livelihood. For those who drive them over a long distance, they can essentially be a home away from home. For most of the heavy haulage companies, it is the drivers who carry out the preliminary inspection on the heavy haulages that they are interested in. Are you thinking of owning or operating a heavy haulage truck? Here are some of the tips to consider.

Axle Configuration and Horsepower

Before buying a used heavy haulage truck, check on the axle configuration and the transport regulations of the area of operation. The items that you will be carrying will greatly impact on the right axle configuration for you. The other determinant of axle configuration for the heavy haulage truck is the kind of terrain where you will drive. Are you going to drive over long distances with hilly terrain or are you doing just short distances within Sydney or Melbourne?

Consider the right horsepower for the heavy haulage truck. The right horsepower is dictated by the tasks and the trips that one will be doing. Also, the capacity that is needed is one critical question that when answered then one will get the right heavy haulage.

Engine Condition

Remember you are going for a used heavy haulage unit and hence the engine must be in a proper working condition. There is no point of buying a heavy haulage unit that has immense engine problems. While checking the engine, check for any signs of leaks. This can be done by pulling the hood. When an engine has leaks then it means that repairs are necessary. Start up the engine and look at it when warming up, smoke is expected to come from the exhaust. Blue or white coloured smoke is a sign that the engine is operating effectively.

Be attentive and check if there are knocks from the engine. Any knocks is a sign that attention is required and mechanical work may be necessary. Find out if the engine meets the emission standards set currently.

Condition of Cab

You need to check the overall condition of the interior of the cab. Establish if the wear and tear that the cab has gone through is a reflection of the time of use of the truck. Is the mileage covered as shown in the odometer reasonable? Having a mileage of 400k and above means that it might be a heavy haulage unit that needs replacement.

Maintenance Logs

This is important, especially when suspecting that the engine of the heavy haul has been altered. Check the engine work that may already have been carried out. Major repairs are also necessary to check. Maintenance logs is a reflection of the manner in which the heavy haulage truck was maintained.

If you are buying a used heavy haulage truck, no need to worry as you have ideas on what to look for. For more information, contact companies like Russell Transport.