It is essential to notify the heavy vehicle licensing authorities in your area when you develop any medical conditions which can affect your ability to drive a heavy vehicle. Below are several circumstances that may require you to notify the authorities and surrender your licence:

Taking heavy doses of medication

You should alert the licensing authorities about your condition in case your doctor has prescribed large doses of medication. Heavy doses of medication can cause you to feel confused or drowsy while you drive. Such a state can endanger you and other people in your work environment. The prolonged use of such medications should, therefore, be reported to the authorities so that the licensing authorities do not learn about your condition once you are involved in an accident.

Getting a diagnosis of cognitive problems

A notification may also be necessary when you discover that you have cognitive issues such as memory loss or impaired concentration. These can affect your ability to drive safely and control any heavy machinery. Reporting the matter to the licensing authority in addition to surrendering your licence can help you to avoid any mishaps.

Needing help during daily activities

Once you lose control of your bodily functions and coordination whereby you need help to dress up and go to the toilet, it is necessary to alert the licensing authorities. This is because your medical condition may also have an effect on your ability to drive a heavy vehicle, such as a forklift. The authorities will then use the expertise at their disposal to determine whether or not you can be allowed to retain your licence while your condition is being treated.

Needing special controls

Heavy vehicle licences are normally given after an applicant has undergone training and has been tested in a specific vehicle. Any medical condition that prompts you to have special controls installed so that you can continue operating the vehicle for which you were licensed to drive should be reported to the licensing authorities. Such a move is necessary because those additional controls may be outside the parameters under which your licence was issued. Voluntary reporting of the condition leading to the modification of the vehicle can help you to avoid being penalised for violating the terms of your licence.

You should adhere to any recommendations that are made by the licensing authorities once you report your medical condition. You should then wait until your doctor tells you that you can now drive before asking for your licence to be returned.